How Dare He Feel Insecure?

I hereby declare that I stand by Aamir Khan.
Yeah I know it sounds like we’re at war but that is what it has been made by us, the people of our country.

I’m sure by now you guys know that Aamir Khan has said that he wants to leave the country. Yes? No. All he said was this:
“I read the newspapers, watch news and I’m alarmed, Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India, and for the first time she said we should move out of India and that’s a disastrous statement to make. This shows that there is a growing sense of despondency among us, because we feel insecure.”

Now go and slap yourself if you are one of those people who washed their hands in the behti ganga. The media scooped that one point up and we Indians willfully believed them without watching the interview or trying to learn the truth.
We bashed him up as if none of us has ever thought of moving out of India. Since when did expressing your insecurity become wrong? Tomorrow, if I feel unsafe, don’t I have the right to say the same?

People have called him a traitor, abused him, conducted mock funerals and filed an FIR against him!
Just because he is a celebrity, does it mean he can’t feel insecure?
Just because he built his career in India does it mean he can’t question things when something is wrong?
Can’t a mother be protective of her children?
And if you’re saying he should just leave India without making so much noise, see the interview again, he doesn’t want to leave India instead I’m sure he wants to live in a better India.

And yes, we did prove him right, as instead of arguing sensibly and debating we behaved the way we did. Congratulations.

4 thoughts on “How Dare He Feel Insecure?

    • Haha I’m really sorry but I’ve been busy lately with my ‘other life’. A new post is on its way but it’s taking a bit more time doing some research on it, I’m hoping it’ll be posted in a week. Cheers!


  1. I agree that Aamir has freedom to speak n what he spoke was his opinion at the same time I have some suggestions
    1)in a famous chp”Mein aur mera desh “author has said that a citizen represents not only himself but also his nation..I.e wherever he goes he carries whole nation.
    Throught out the chp he has give examples of grt ppl who have made their nation proud with their acts eg like bhamasha,kamalpasha,youth of Japan,Pandit Nehru etc
    2) I agree that Indian constitution has given us Right to speech n I believe that every Indian has the right to express his thoughts but at the same time he shd recognize his position
    3)Aamir expressed his views but indirectly he conveyed a feeling of insecurity in India.Aamir ,a celeb should not forget who he is.A person who has billions of world wide,A person who is a brand ambassador of Incredible India,a person who’s words influence people.
    4)By giving such views there r ppl who believe in Aamir n might have develop same feelings.Being a big celeb,ambassador of Incredible India,a person who is looked upon by many…
    Foreigners who respected India,foreigners who thought of visiting India,after hearing such statement from him they might develop same view about India ,all the positive aspect they knew of India turned into negative coz Aamir said so in from of media
    5)In the chp author says” when u compare
    India with other countries n u say other countries r better than India or humara desh mein mein yeh nahi hai,woh nahi hai than tum samuhik mansik Baal ko haani pahuchate ho (means u r changing the mindset of whole country for eg an Indian who loves his country when gets to hear from someone some positive aspects of other countries compared wid negative aspects of his country,the feeling of nationalism in him will be reduced),by doing such acts tum apne desh ke SHAKTIBODH ko haani pahuchate ho
    6)I believe in some way Aamir has hitted d shaktibodh of r country..I respect his views but focussing on it in front of media might have reduced d respect of my country in front of others.I do say India might have faced some” intolerant”incidents but instead of focussing on negative aspects if we focus on positive part of India I guess that would be better.At same time I condemn ppl activities of mock funerals n all but even Aamir should have thought before expressing


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