How Dare He Feel Insecure?

I hereby declare that I stand by Aamir Khan.
Yeah I know it sounds like we’re at war but that is what it has been made by us, the people of our country.

I’m sure by now you guys know that Aamir Khan has said that he wants to leave the country. Yes? No. All he said was this:
“I read the newspapers, watch news and I’m alarmed, Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India, and for the first time she said we should move out of India and that’s a disastrous statement to make. This shows that there is a growing sense of despondency among us, because we feel insecure.”

Now go and slap yourself if you are one of those people who washed their hands in the behti ganga. The media scooped that one point up and we Indians willfully believed them without watching the interview or trying to learn the truth.
We bashed him up as if none of us has ever thought of moving out of India. Since when did expressing your insecurity become wrong? Tomorrow, if I feel unsafe, don’t I have the right to say the same?

People have called him a traitor, abused him, conducted mock funerals and filed an FIR against him!
Just because he is a celebrity, does it mean he can’t feel insecure?
Just because he built his career in India does it mean he can’t question things when something is wrong?
Can’t a mother be protective of her children?
And if you’re saying he should just leave India without making so much noise, see the interview again, he doesn’t want to leave India instead I’m sure he wants to live in a better India.

And yes, we did prove him right, as instead of arguing sensibly and debating we behaved the way we did. Congratulations.



Backstabbed. Yes. That’s what we, the youth of India, is feeling right now. Modiji your sarkar has back stabbed us. Weren’t we the ones who voted you to power? Making you our role model based on your Gujarat model…and still we are the ones who are being suffocated in this country.

We love freedom more than anything and that is precisely what your government is taking away from us ever since it came to power. First you banned the documentary on the Delhi rape case, then the AIB roast, then beef, then you tried to ban porn, then you tried to ban meat during the Jain festival of Paryushan and now in Mumbai only people knowing Marathi language can get an auto rickshaw license. Even Mumbai’s night life has been killed by the 1 AM deadline. The list is very long when you consider the restrictions imposed in different states and it just keeps getting longer. The state thinks it has the right to breach individual freedom and to decide what we eat, what we see, what we make fun of, what we do in our private life.
This shows the rise of an increasingly intolerant nation.

When the State itself thinks it can impose such whimsical bans, other political and religious organizations too feel emboldened to act as moral police. They ban, destroy, burn, kill, assault anything and anyone that doesn’t  fulfill their ‘criteria’. Why can’t it be ‘If you don’t like it, ignore it’ and ‘If you don’t like it, its not necessary to ban it’?

This essentially dents our image as the largest democracy in the world; or maybe democracy now means selecting our own dictators.

A New Freedom Struggle

69 years ago, we Indians got freedom from what had become a cancer to this country. We got freedom from British Colonialism. After more than 200 years of being discriminated against, tortured, killed, maimed and what not, we snatched what was ours by birth right.
The cancer, was small & had come from outside. We let it stay. We let it grow and by the time we realised, it was all over us. So when the time for freedom came, we had to cut it off. It was painful. Heroes and leaders were born. Millions were killed. But in the end we attained freedom.

Now, after all these years, we’ve moved on. We have developed and are still developing. We have stood on our own legs. But with this we have also created cancerS of our own. And the worse part is, these are internal. We cannot simply cut them off. This needs a struggle of a different kind at a whole new level. There needs to be a new freedom struggle, to free ourselves from our own mindsets.
We need freedom. Freedom from corruption, inequality against women, transgenders and Dalits, killing in the name of God, trafficking of women and children, honor killing and what not. We shall not let these cancers grow. They’ll be all over us if nothing is done and removing them will be more painful than what it was 69 years ago.
Because this cancer…is us.

All Problems, One Solution

So the Delhi Government has banned app based cab services because of the
Uber rape case. Yes, this is what they came up with as a solution after months of brain storming. Just ban it. It feels like they’re treating people like kids! A kid accidentally bangs into a table, the mother goes and hits the table just to pacify him.

Yes I know they didn’t follow international security standards, but guess what? They were following the archaic rules set by the Indian government and as usual it was after this incident that our government woke up to frame a new set of rules for these app based cab services. And anyway, in my personal experience the services provided by these radio taxis are way better than our old taxis in all aspects like price, attitudes, behavior towards customers, punctuality, no fare refusals vagera vagera.

Oh BTW, after the Uber case there was another rape case  involving one of our good old ‘black-yellow’ taxis, let’s ban them too! Maybe we should also ban buses, trains, or even roads lest you get picked up while walking! Maybe we should all just stay at home and be safe. That’d just be so perfect! But no wait, marital rape accounts for the largest percentage of rapes in the country! Damn! Ban marriages maybe?

Maybe it’s the mindsets that need to be changed and not the law.

P.S.: I know my topics have lately been revolving a lot around bans, but what can I do? They just keep banning stuff. Every time I read the news there’s some of the other stupid ban imposed which wouldn’t do any benefit to anyone!

Earthquake tremors felt in many parts of North India, waiting for political parties to blame each other. -.-

P.S.: Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted since long and I’m sorry about that. My IPCC exams are nearing and they’ll end only on 16th May so I may not be able to post till then 😦 but I’ll be posting regularly again after that. So Stay Tuned! 😀

Religion And Violence

‘It’s my way or the highway’. A few retards seem to have taken this phrase a little too seriously.

Recently in yet another shocking incident a blogger was hacked to death in Bangladesh. Yes another, this is the 3rd such incident in the Muslim-majority country. And what was his fault? Being a secular writer, who wrote strongly against religious fundamentalism. And those who killed him differed on his views about religion.

It’s ridiculous how these ‘protectors of religion’ try to impose their ideologies on those who don’t believe in them and try to scare them by saying God will ‘punish’ them. I mean, what the fuck? Who made them God’s bouncers? Should we humans take it upon ourselves to instill the fear of God in others? Is God to be feared in the first place? And did God permit them to kill anyone in His name?

The fact that you let another human affect your faith with God just by what he speaks shows how strong your faith in Him is. You’re a true follower of your ideology if you’re indifferent to what others say about it. Killing then just proves how shaky your faith is, how scared you yourself are from your own God.

Well, why don’t you follow what you want to, and then just keep it to yourself!
Violence is no method of propagation. Because if you’re using violence, you should know that you are the reason your religion is looked down upon by the world.

SHE Did It!


The fact that Anushka Sharma is being blamed for Virat Kohli’s poor performance shows how immature we can be. Of course, Virat was looking at her in the crowd of 40,000 instead of the ball, it has to be her fault! And this is just another case from the countless many.

If a girl child is born, the mother is blamed and punished, even though it has been scientifically proven that chromosomes from the male decide the gender of the child.

If a guy flunks an exam it is of course his girlfriend and not how much (rather, how less) he has studied that led to it!

And the worst of all, if a woman is raped, the first thing that comes to some idiotic people’s minds is that the girl must have provoked it and not the pervert who couldn’t keep his gun in his pocket!

Has our male ego risen so high that we cannot take responsibility for our own acts? Or are we too shy and embarrassed to admit our mistakes?

Why, just the other day, a guy rammed his car into mine. He must’ve been thinking about his girlfriend. That bitch! Ruined my car!

Is This How We Repay Them?

The 2.3% of Christians in India are posing a huge ‘threat’ to the 80.5% of Hindus. Yes, you heard me right, this is what so many Hindu leaders across the country are claiming. It is as stupid as it is weird.

Christians have been known for their peace loving nature and are one of the most educated communities of this country. Their convent schools are the second largest in number at 14,000 (second only to the schools run by the Government of India.) Not to mention the countless charitable trusts and hospitals.

It is being claimed that the Christians are ‘forcing” Hindus to convert to Christianity. Why on earth would they do that? And what is shocking is that some Hindus believe this nonsense and as ‘retaliation’ are attacking Christians and churches.
That’s not all, they are forcing Christians to convert to Hinduism by holding these Ghar Wapsi(coming home) ceremonies! So is this their game plan to ‘save’ Hindus from these ‘hungry’ Christians? First, accuse them of forceful conversions and then do exactly the same thing, attack churches and rape nuns! Tell me how are these guys different from terrorists? Is this what Hinduism is all about?
Is this how we repay for all the peace and education they provide to the country?

Yes, they are peace loving but they have a limit to their patience. Imagine what would happen if all these 14,000 schools shut down till justice is served and till they are treated with dignity!
And if these attacks don’t stop, I don’t think that day is far when parents won’t be able to find schools for their children.

And anyways the Constitution of India allows one to follow whichever religion she/he wants to and no one can stop her/him from doing so.
One must understand the difference between peaceful propagation and forceful conversions.

And to those people who still think Christians are a problem, how about poverty, unemployment, female foeticide, corruption, sexual harassment, inflation, fiscal deficit?

No offence sir, but I feel … *gunshot*


“Those who are in politics must also learn the face of criticism”
– Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, on a student’s arrest over a Facebook comment.

Ever wondered how hard it has become to actually ‘make’ a joke or to write about someone on a social networking website or to criticise someone?
Be it a Facebook post on a politician dead or alive (countless examples), a book (‘The Hindu’ a book by Wendy Doniger), a consensual show (AIB roast) or a documentary (‘India’s Daughter’) any of it can bring the cops to your door steps!

Because there’ll always be some person sitting in some corner of this country who’ll take offence, start a ruckus over it, get it banned and the ‘accused’ will face prosecution.
Well, of course, getting the ‘derogatory’ post/comment/book banned and/or the person jailed depends upon the degree of their influence on the country’s system, and if the number of cases are anything to go by, I’m sure you’ll be convinced about the state of our system.

Writing/ criticising is an art, be it jokes or articles or anything. It involves creativity, exercising your grey cells. And what happens when you start imposing bans?
Yes, you got it! You hamper the creativity in people, you stop them from thinking, you give them a framework, a boundary, a lakshmana rekha beyond which they’re not supposed to even think. Wait, what was that phrase used for creativity? Ah yes! ‘Think outside the box’! Well, I guess its not applicable anymore!

Judging by the way we’re heading, it won’t be long before we’ll find jokes & criticism about plants, animals and microorganisms! But wait, then there are these environmentalists and animal right activists! Damn!

P.S. I hope I didn’t offend anyone 😛

Are Generalisations Always True?


Hey guys! I had mentioned in a recent post that I’ve seen the movie NH10. Well, today I’m gonna talk about a scene in the movie, which barely was a minute long, and still managed to give out an important message.

The scene I’m talking about is the one in which Meera (Anushka Sharma) is running away from the bad guys, looking around for help on a deserted road in a village on the outskirts of Delhi, right in the dead of the night.
She screams and pleads and throws herself in front of cars and trucks, but no one even bothers to slow down, leave alone stop. She finally does manage to stop a car, and when she goes near the car to narrate her ordeal and seek help, she realises that the car is full of men, something that she had not noticed in the dark. Villagers, probably. Eerily similar to the ones she just ran away from. Staring back at her. Terrified (who wouldn’t be?) she ran, not bothering to listen to what the driver had to say. She simply ran.

The car was still there, neither following her nor going on its way.
After she was a considerable distance away, the camera again shows the inside of the car and one of the persons in the car says something like “Akeli darri hui lag rahi thi bechari, madad chahiye thi” (She looked scared alone, seems like she needed help).

Shocking! isn’t it? Those who seemed like ‘dogs’ to her turned out to be genuine people who were ready to help.
One thing that this tells us is that in this world, nothing is as it seems. Don’t take people at their face value. All men are not the same and one can not judge all men on the basis of some perverts. It’d be an inappropriate use of synecdoche.